Nepal – the rooftop of the Earth!

Nepal – the rooftop of the Earth!

Nepal is a unique country that has one of the highest peaks on planet Earth. The country is a land-locked, bordered by China and India. Nepal is amazing place for some really awesome treks and has some high base camps for higehst mountains of our Planet. Its most well-known for Mount Everest base camp trek and Annapurna area trails, also some less-known tracks.

I was in Nepal for a month in 7 years ago and went to Annapurna Circuit track. That was my favourite time in my whole travelling life. So pure, elegant, over-whelming I was not supposed to go there, but there was a girl solo travelling and she insisted me that I should also come and that we could share the costs for accomodation etc. As I was only a 19-year-old-boy, ofc I was in. Nothing like a date with her, but with myself – my inner self. I was at

First and the most important advice – if you like to save some great amount of money – do not book your all included trip/hike (like 14 day-hike) in advance. Just make it yourself, its simple. Few hours and many hundreds/ a thousand saved.

Some activities and where to go:

Annapurna Circuit trek is a unique way to be in the real hiking mode for 2 weeks. This is truly a beautiful landscape you get to see over different hights and days. My favourite part was around 4000m, when I could feel the peaks near  to me and had some clear vision in my mind.


Everest Base Camp is one of the dreams for many people. You can really see the highest mountain on our Planet with your own eyes and feel the power of this peak.


Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal and has some great temples to visit, also some great dayhikes and running spots nearby.


Pokhara – get along with the area, has some great sunrise and sunset spots. Also good day hikes nearby and good to relax a day or two after the great hike. Over at Pokhara you can take a paragliding trip with your friends and within nearby Pokhara I saw many of them. Check the best prices from different travellers, can vary a lot.

If you have some gut for extreme sport – then go and head to south-east and there you can find bungee jumping that is the top3 highest in the world. Called The Last Resort.


Accommodation is well organised in Nepal. I went to Nepal many years ago (2011) and then we used mostly LonelyPlanet guides, so now you can use websites to find great places. I would try to look the number and call them ahead if they have any rooms – more cheaper than booking on web. Cheaper rooms are less than 10€ for 2 or 3 people and they might not have any special interior.


Most common way for transport are buses and there are more local buses (cheaper) and tourist AC buses that are more expensive and can be quicker. Prices of the buses from Pokhara to Kathmandu are around 10 – 15€. Keep your valuables also inside the bus with your personal bag. Its a bumpy road with great views, so enjoy the ride. And get a massage after! 😉


Please be aware that even if you are allowed to be on the top of the bus with the luggage, try not to sleep over there. I did that and I heard some crazy stories about driving on a high mountain road and some tourist falling out into the canyon. Be safe, Always!


My little tips for Nepal would be these:

  1. If you should take a personal guide for hiking track – try to share it with a bigger group. Guides are good as they get better prices up in the mountain (bargaining for you) and they have side tracks for acclimatization (very needed when going up 3500m).
  2. Bargain all the time. BUT if you know that the Thali meal or whatever local dish will cost around 1-1.5€ (in most places). Rather don’t bargain there, your win is so small concerning their loss.
  3. Eat where the locals eat – if your stomach allows, eat where there is local good food. Most authentic food experience is something you remember later as well.
  4. If you go hiking, be prepared with the best fitting shoes and clothes. And do not take too big luggage with you, keep it in Pokhara or Kathmandu and if needed wash your personal (like shirts, socks etc) stuff after every few days.
  5. Take time for yourself and let the life and nature inspire you. Breath the mountain air and smell the Himalayas, its really great up there.
    Write down some important thoughts to think through and this trek will give you some answers for sure.
  6. Talk to the locals and see how happy they are with the small stuff they have. This is amazing that coming

Enjoy your trip to Nepal and keep me updated or if there is any questions, please feel free to contact me:!

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Written by traveller Toomas Laigu

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